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I absolutely love my Aussie Chiller Bushie Hat, in fact, I want to think of it as my  "LUCKY HAT". 


I was proudly wearing that hat when I won gold medals  in the state of  Texas Sr. Olympics Games as well as the  National Sr. Olympics games in Competitive Target Archery.


I won in the female 60-65 age category.  

Sadly no meets were held this year but I will be front  and  center  in 2021 proudly wearing my Outback hat, as well as defending my gold metal status.

State of Texas Senior Olympics /  National Senior Olympics Games

Gold Medal  Winner

Janice Ruley,   Houston, TX  

August 2020


Your hat is much better than any others I have used as it protects my  ears and neck as well as my face.  We have had several days over 107 recently and the Aussie Chiller does a great job keeping me cool when dry and even cooler when I soak it.  I like it so much I  bought another and sent it to my brother in Cape Cod !

Retired Cancer Surgeon (Melanoma)

Michael D. Stone  MD

Rancho Mirage, CA 

July 2020


It was a hot and humid day at my pool.  I love the  Aussie Ball Cap because it was very comfortable  to wear both when it's wet and dry.  All my friends think that I look very cool wearing it!

     Kora  - Lakeside, CA - August 2020


20200627_082851 (002).jpg

Bike-riding in 105 degree heat is doable when your wearing the Aussie Chiller Ball Cap.  Soak it  for an instant chill.     


           Tempe, AZ   July 2020

20200627_082744 (002).jpg

Love my Bushie!  Wear it at golf courses all over the world because  I can just pack it or wear it anytime!

MIke Riley  -  North Readington Beach, FL

August 2020

Thanks to  my  favorite hat ,  It kept my head cool and sun free during a long, warm day of golf.     


      Dave  -  San Diego  -  July 2019

5 years under water.jpg

Lost my  hat 5 years ago  on a windy day near a lake, at my golf club.   Then just recently, I saw something floating  in that same lake where I played at many years ago.    It resembled the hat I had lost  so pulled it out and realized it was my hat!!     After cleaning it up, it  looks in  mint condition, minus the band!!!   


              Larry  -  Green Valley, AZ    April 2020


       Rancho Mirage, CA  July 2020 

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