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Buy on Amazon - Available now

Buy on Amazon - Available now

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Aussie Chiller Bushie Perforated Golf Hat

Product Highlights

⦁    CHOOSE YOUR HEAD SIZE:  MEDIUM – 21” to  22”  (6 ½-7) ;   LARGE – 22” to 23  1/2” (7- 7 1/2);  X LARGE – 23  1/2” to 24 ”  (7  1/2- 7  3/4)


⦁    ALL SEASON:  UPF 50+ blocks sun all year. Dermatologist recommended. Wear in summer heat, winter, light rain and wind.  All outdoor activities.  For reduced sizing and/or combat wind: while wearing hat, grab REAR seam of inside band, pull out and down up to 2”.


⦁    SOAK ME FOR AN INSTANT CHILL:  Cooling comfort will last up to 3 hours or until dry.  Then add splashes of cold water as needed, thereafter to interior band and crown.  Mold/Fungus Free.  Will not lose shape, shrink, rot or smell.  Stop sweat before it stains by adding water.


⦁    AUSTRALIAN QUALITY:   Unique Perforations provide superior ventilation.  Comfortable, lightweight and rugged, soft chamois like material that will not fade or lose shape.  Hand washable.  Ball caps and buckets can go in dishwasher.  Air dry.


⦁    TRAVEL THE WORLD:  Wear it or Pack it!  Bushies lay flat in your luggage with only minor creases.  For heavier creases use a steamer.  Works like a charm!

Products Description

PF 50+ Sun protection/ Dermatologist recommended, and at the same time, wearing this hat, is like wearing an ice-cold towel. Soak our Chiller hats in cold water then wear them during your golf round. Chillers remain very cold for 5+ minutes, quite cold for 15+ minutes and comfortably cool until dry (1 - 3 hours). Re-chill with a quick refreshing splash as necessary. It stops sweat and stains plus it is wearable and crushable. It's made of an rich and soft ultra-light chamois. It will not fade. The unique perforated fabric allows ventilation, but, blocks the sun. It may even improve your golf game! Hat Size Chart: Head Size Medium 6 1/2 to 7 (21" - 22 ") Large 7 to 7 1/2 (22 " - 23 1/2 ") X-Large 7 1/2 - 7 3/4 (23 1/2 " - 24") . Color tone may vary.

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